The most important link: Liberty, Courage, and Firearms

Peter J. Mancus
Attorney at Law
Copyright Peter J. Mancus 2010
(707) 824-1884

Lynne Twist, who is affiliated with the Praxis Peace Institute based in Sonoma, California [] opined, “We often philosophize about the great, unanswered questions in life. It’s time we looked instead at the unquestioned answers.” I agree.

This essay is, for many, intensely politically incorrect. This is because it takes a hard look at what, for many, is a compelling, logical, persuasive, unquestioned answer to gun related violence: Privately owned firearms are bad, gun control is good, and the Second Amendment should be ripped from the United States Constitution because it is too dangerous to trust ordinary citizens with registered firearms, let alone unregistered ones, especially modern military type small arms. I do not agree with that unquestioned answer. (…continued)

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