When does a sworn peace officer become an obscenity?

Peter J. Mancus
Attorney at Law
Former Criminal Prosecutor
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Permission to use this opinion-editorial in its entirety is granted to all.
December 22, 2006

Obscenity as used here means: abominable, loathsome, inferior, disgusting, insufferable, and/or repulsive.

The movie “High Noon” was a character story of an excellent western town sheriff, played by Gary Cooper. Cooper’s sheriff manifested a steadfast, quiet, competent, courage with an enduring commitment to duty, against high odds, alone, at great mortal peril, and at extreme inconvenience for his personal life, including marital bliss with his bride, played by Grace Kelly.
As a bonus, Cooper’s sheriff was not badge heavy, was not arrogant, was not immature, was not trigger happy, and was not constitutionally insensitive. (…continued)

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